Just a few gardens I have built and or changed.

I have been gardening for a very long time at least 20 years personally and about 5 years professionally.

I have stuck to my original roots and continue to help the elderly daily as well as smaller gardens. I have taken on a few businesses depending on size but I usually do not let size or amount of weeds deter me from what I do best.

A house was up for sale. This is a very moist ares and a property line as well. so in goes many hydrangeas who will thrive here.

I have traveled and and gotten to help and see so many beautiful gardens and all the different varieties of gardeners and I love how I always have something to learn or even teach.

This was the before and after of my old home I rented in Dundalk Ontario
Sorry it is sideways but this was the front when I moved in here.
This was two years of living there.

I have spent many years now transforming gardens for people and helping maintain them.


These are only a few examples of years of my work.

I love what I do and I have a strong constantly growing passion for gardening and I get more pleasure helping others with their dreams and visions whatever it may be.

I love bringing color and beauty to others lives.

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