Indoor plants……

I think I have loved all growing and plants of all kinds. Never really stopped at the outdoor plants. For about 15 years I have been collecting indoor plants of all varieties and studying them.

It started as a simple plant given to me and I watered it and loved it and it grew and grew. It still grows today.

My 15 year old Aglaonemma Commutatum
Other names: Chinese evergreen, poison dart,

This plant has been forgotten about, cats have been all over it, possibly over watered a few times as wel, but she is still beautiful.

This is new to me Red Emerald Philodendron (also known as a blushing philodendron

I do not usually buy the plants big like this beauty, it always seems to cost more and I can’t justify that. However I was having a bad day not to long back about a month ago, when those happen I like greenhouse visits. I was in Orangeville Ontario and my bf always says go to Orangeville Flowers on John and Townline. So I did…….. I was walking around their beautiful greenhouse with beautiful antique furniture, I love their greenhouse set up for sure. I was looking at how healthy and happy their plants were and thinking “I have this one and i’m doing great because she looks like this beauty” lol I know thats what I think. But who better to compare my plants health to then a healthy greenhouse right lol.

As I was done walking through nothing really caught my eye, not sure if it is because I have everything or just that kinda day. But then I’m walking out and I see this beauty hiding between some furniture and I thought omg this will be an insane price…..I walk over to look at the tag and was shocked to see it for $29. I had to go find the lady and ask if this was real lol.

As you can see I bought it and I felt great after. I swear its the best therapy I have ever had buying plants.

In my home now I have many different indoor plants aprox 150 last I counted, all very happy and healthy, my girls tell people we live in a jungle but I think its beautiful and I’m always so excited to see it all grow.

Now I propagate a lot of my plants and sell them. I have so many and some are old like my 9 foot money tree I continue to propagate, as well as: cyclamen, smoked bushes, lipstick plant, hydrangeas, Tradescantia. If I have it i am trying to propagate it lol. I have high success at it already including the outdoor plants.

A bit of my peperomia collection

I post a lot of my indoor plant life on my Instagram which you can find a link in my contact me on my web page here. Feel free to follow and enjoy the beauty I do or learn with me as I do or from me and what I have learned through my years of collecting.

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