Getting your kids involved in gardening at a young age.

Why not?

Its a great idea to get our children involved in growing, designing and vegetables, whatever your gardening pleasure be. It opens up so many more possibilities for them in their future and expands their brains.

I have a 20, 16 and 4 year old, all beautiful girls . My middle was never really the gardening type but she has none the less learned so much with having me for her mom in gardening indoors and outside. Then she got involved in a greenhouse at her school and she comes home saying she actually knew it all. Amazing what they learn when you believe they are not. My youngest though, wow, she is a future gardener and grower for sure. She is always involved in all aspects of gardening with me and she LOVES it.

She was 1 here
She is 2 here
She actually gets upset if I do not bring her to a greenhouse with me
She helps every year with planting seeds and greenhouse jobs. Here she is 3
anyone who got plants this girl was waters them for you.
Kat helps with seed planting
She loved watering our coleus garden. Here she is 4
This was this month she is 4

The last photo I shared was a week ago. We were cleaning one of our new gardens together and she said to me

“mommy this is our garden”

She is right!

She helped me dig the top soul out and haul it away in her wheelbarrow.

She helped bring rocks over to start a border……..she spent hours doing both with me.

She helped plant mambo grass, blood grass, malva, zebra grass, crocusmia, irises. She even asked me the names…..a lot.

My middle isn’t as involved as my younger but that is likely because I didn’t really push it on her.

I have on my youngest though and she loves everything and is always as involved as a 4 year old can but a bit more involved.

Involve our kids its worth it

This girl was born to work. She spent a good 2 hours here hauling mulch with mama

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