Do you believe in Fairies?

Every year I enjoy traveling to different greenhouses all around and there are many. In 2016 I found this lovely greenhouse just past Markedale outside of a town called Berkley, be careful as its around a bend and you may miss it, I did. Its called Lily Oaks Nursery.

The couple there build their own beautiful fairy/miniature garden around an old tree stump in the woods. Absolutely a must see for all you mini garden lovers as my photos are old and do it no justice now.

Lily Oaks Nursery

Well for an avid gardener like myself the winters can be long and boring. So my girls and I decided to make our own indoor fairy garden. We visited all the thrift stores in Southgate and Dufferin for anything we could us. A quick search online for some old clay pots was super easy, so with our found goods and a little pintrest help we created our first fairy garden.

This was 2017

This is today October 2020

The last photo is it getting prepped for new plants. We recently moved and some didn’t take to well to new home.

We loved the indoor one so much that in summer 2017 we decided to make a larger outdoor fairy/miniature garden.

So we found this area filled with day lilies and I spent a good week digging them out.


Every year we changed the look and plants

This is 2020 the year we moved
My oldest digging and designing

Kids would come and visit and play in the garden and I never minded, just gave me a reason to play in it too.

We have moved now and I have built next years fairy garden but nothing is in it till the spring.

Hang around to see what is next

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