In the fall of 2018 a friend and myself built a 8×10 greenhouse to be able to help a local farmers market in 2019 and of course to dive more into my growing abilities.

Homer didn’t like the idea of growing in his room, it was getting a wee bit crowded.

So I came up with the small design to be easily heated and affordable.

The spring after boy did i flourish in growing

Through the past couple seasons I have had tremendous success and so much love for doing this.
I start in February and it really cures those blues.

My family has grown in the past year and my partner is as avid a gardener as I am but he loves to do vegetables and peppers.

2021 we will make our own jarred sauces and peppers with a larger garden.

We realized though for the amount t of flowers and vegetables we did last year we ran out of room.

So we moved to Melancthon outside of shelburne and together we built.
We built another greenhouse.
Our plan for 2021 is to use the smaller greenhouse as a seed starting house and as the weather warms we will move to the larger greenhouse.
Its October 2020 and we are still not done building but stick around and you will see more………

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